Thus They Told Us
Learning To Hunt
Told by Antone Evan
Thus They Told Us

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Kiłqa gguya ghuna ghu tqiłkeh ch'u
Those young boys, when they'd get big enough then

k'iqu qel'anna ghuna k'iqu qel'ani ghini hqiłdih ha t'ehghił'an.
the hunters would start teaching them how to hunt.

Ts'ełten tets' nihdi łu qehqiłdih ha t'ehghił'an łu.
They used to teach them to use a bow and arrow, a spear, and so forth.

Tets' ghin k'i chik'a chik'a tets' gheli k'i ench'u ch'q'ayna qeyeł chil'uli ha ch'u,
The spear, the actual wooden spear, the children did not play with that,

chik'a chik'a daghiłnazi hdenghalzhagi.
but they had a long stick that was sharpened to a point.

K'chan k'chan ghini qeydełghił ha',
They bundled grass and,

a small amount,

yi eła qeyiqu tsahdesex.
and with that they would throw it for them [AB: about as big as a ball, and they'd make a bundle out of that].

Qeyiqu tsahdesex ch'u yi chik'a ghini eła ghudeh qeyiggat.
They would throw that for them, they would try spear that (grass) with the stick.

K'elduna k'elduna yi ench'u qeyisggat.
Some of them would not spear that thing.

K'elduna hdi ghu qeyiqu tsahdesex hnuyu qyiggat.
Some of them, when they throw it for them, they would spear it.

Dach' ghu tets' ghini ghuhdiłt'a'i henu hehqełdih ha t'hghił'an.
That's how they used to teach them how to use the spear.

Thus They Told Us