Thus They Told Us
Ndalvay Heyenghi\yihch'
How They Used To Train Geese
Told by Vonga Bobby
Thus They Told Us

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Quda shughu Htsit laghu.
That's what they did at 'lowland lake' [Tishimna lake on the lower Stony River].

Yeh nih quda da vuntda laghu ve\ k'du'u\,
There they say her mother [the mother of Vonga's wife, Madrona Bobby], was still alive,

vech'enaqa nutihna qa deghk'isna qilan.
with her children, two girls.

Shughu ndalvay huhdenlyah \u.
So they raised geese for themselves it seems.

Ch'u nt'i htsast'a k'i ndude\. Game qighisen ighi it.
Long ago they (these geese) would come in (to the camp). There was no game at that time.

Ch'u giga iqu nu(qude\) hnuyu huqeydiltlet. Ye huqeydighelq'un.
They were going for berries and had built a fire for themselves. They kept a fire there for themselves.

Vava ghini telay vava qeye\ nik'ghi\ggat. Ighi tlegh zt'a \u detsendazdlen.
They were spreading out dry fish, dry whitefish, on sticks. Oil was dripping out of it into the fire.

Dastget eyihdi.
It got smokey there.

Ndalvayi ghinhdi qevegh yedalts'i.
Those geese were staying by them (being tame).

Q'uyehdi ighi it k'qulqat, ighi it e\a gu sht'a gu idi\q’un ggagga \u qevech' gheyu\.
And so then they ate right there, and then soon, right nearby the fire they kept, a brown bear was coming toward them.

Ndalvay nutiha hdi \u huhdenlyah.
They had been raising two geese.

Nt'i qeveq' qisen. Qevegh qeye\ k'tnu\duhi k'i qisen.
Well, they had nothing (no weapons). They had nothing to injure it (the bear) with.

Q'uyehdi nt'i ndach'u qeytuli\? Qevech' gheli ghedejax.
And so then what could they do to it? It was loping toward them.

Nch'u q'u gheshdejay q'u shi\teh (egh gheyu\). Nt'e hnilgit.
They were not going to be able to run away from it.

Qeyeghe shtughelgguk chq’u k’i, qeyeghe shtushe\tidu\tex ghin ndaha? Nch’u qeyeghe shtushe\tidu\texi ghin a.
They should have run away from it, they should have run away from that, but where? They were not going to be able to run away from it.

They were scared.

Ndalvaya ghini eye ghu qeyene\yahi nih ighi'it t'eye\ni \u.
She was talking to those geese that they had trained, it seems.

Vuntda ghun vuntda nt'i ghun k’enilget vetsa'a ghun.
Her mother (Madrona's mother), her mother got scared, and her daughter, too.

Q'u gheli hvaytazyu hnuyu
It almost came to them when

ndalvay ghini ighi iy qeyetni\'an, delghesh gheli \u yeh qevech' yuyu\ ighi'it.
they saw those geese, and they (the geese) hollered a lot as it (bear) came toward them there.

Hnuyu nijaq' yi ghini. Yeghini nijaq' ch'q'u yech' nazhjaq'.
Then they landed by that one. As they landed [laughter] they flew at that one (the bear).

Niqanutjeh ch'q'u duyeh gheli.
They flew in a circle way down low.

Niqanutjeh ch'q'u duyeh gheli.
They flew around it way down low.

Q'u la'a vehugh q’u nuyeltlet.
So then one landed right close to it.

Ey nuqel, nultlet \u nununejeh.
It landed right there, and they (both) took off again.

Ch'u brown bear ghinhdi ggagga ghinhdi yi ghini q'u chidghe\t'ix ni ye\ni. Qeveyech' ighi'it hnuyu nijehch' ch’u gushla veghu nunuyenjehch'. Hq'u qech' q'u t'eyi\'an.
And she was telling them (the geese) that brown bear intended to kill them. When they flew toward it, they landed again a little ways from it. They kept doing this to it.

Iqech' hyut'an hnuyu.
They were so smart then.

Shtushe\hdani\tuk'. Jit ghuda qeyenuqe\'i qi’eshe\dghi\tuk'.
They (the girls) ran away. They barely ran out of sight of it.

Ndalvay ghini iqech' ghu t'qeye\'an \u.
That's why they kept them, those geese, it is said.

Hq'u q’uyehdi ndaha nih she\hda\tuk' vet'uch' nih qilanch' nushe\hdaltuk' q'uyehdi.
Then they (the girls) ran off somewhere, and then they ran back behind some barrier there.

Ts'i\ ndahna dughu idalts'ina yet? Q'uyehdi ighi'it ghinihdi nch'u qituslal nih.
I wonder how many (other people) were staying there at one place (at Tishimna Lake)? So then that one (the bear) was not be able to find them.

Yetsah shla ghu nununjeh ch'u q'u gheli ve\ qitidghulghe\iq' nunidejeh.
They would land a little ways ahead of it (the bear), and it would try to maul them as they landed again.

Gushla'a nunultlet, ndalvay.
They landed right close by it, those geese.

Yeghuda ighi nch'u t'qeveyilil qetni qeye\ni.
This is the reason they say it did not harm them, they say.

Quda shughu ndalvay ghini ighit qeye\ni, good qeye\ni qeyni\yahch'.
That's how they talk about those geese, they say that they are really good when they have raised them.

Thus They Told Us