Thus They Told Us
Htsast'a Ghu Na\ T'qighit'ach'
How It Was In The Past For Us
Told by Andrew Balluta
Thus They Told Us

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Ghu shqizdlan qech iqilch' shugu qech' na\ ninuhdelzex.
Since I was born times have changed for us.

Htsast'a ghu na\ qighit'ahch' ghu q'udi hk'uch shughu na\ t'qit'a da.
How it was in the past is much different for us now.

Htsast'a shtutda'ina \uhghidi\. Shi k'i dghelchek' ha qeve\ \uhenshyu.
Long ago our fathers traveled, and when I was small I too went with them.

Heyteh qilan ha hetl q'ech' \ik'aha k'i e\ \uhetlhghidi\.
When it was winter they went around on sleds with dogs.

Nan Qelah k'a qenq'a qighila.
At 'moss place' [on Lake Clark at mouth of Miller Creek] there was a house.

Eyeqech' hdi Tuvughna Ten hdi tinitun hqul'an.
From there they had a trail to 'Tyonek people's trail' [trail to north of Kijik River].

Nan Qelah qech' q'u' K'ilghech' di jan ts'i\ jan ninuhdulggesh.
They went from 'moss place' [Miller Creek mouth] to 'gap' [valley south of College Creek] in one day.

Iyehdi k'ak'ighalnik ha t'qighit'ah ha iyehdi ninu\hdulyak.
And there was a tent pitched there, and they stayed there several nights.

Iye qech' q'u K'aka'a hdi qenq'a qilan hqugh ninuhdulggesh.
From there they stopped at 'big opposing place' [valley on Upper Chilakadrotna River] where there was a house.

Iy qeghe'ut hdi k'i\kedi hghiluh.
They had traps in various places.

Iy ghu K'ilghech' qech' q'u Dilah Vena qenq'a qighila'i k'i qech' tus nuhdulggesh.
From 'gap' they also went through the pass to 'fish run in lake' [Telaquana Lake].

Yeh k'i k'i\kedi qezdlu ha yeh k'i \uhethghidi\.
They also traveled with sleds where they had traps.

Iy Dilah Vena q'atl'a qech' yeh shughu Tuvughna tustihghi\tun t'iqighit'a.
At the head of 'fish run in the lake' there was a pass to the 'beach people' [Tyonek people].

Dghili teh tinitun ha t'qighit'a.
The trail was in the mountains.

Iy qech' q'u Ch'akaja Vena vunu hdi niqatidighitun iy qech' ghu Tuvugh Tuvughnen ch'atinitun t'qighit'a.
From there the trail went around the shore of 'tail comes out lake' [Chakachamna Lake] and it came out at 'beach land' [Tyonek area].

Dilah Vena qech' ch'u Vatutnutl'ech'a Vena k'i \uhghidi\.
They also walked from 'fish swim in lake' [Telaquana Lake] to 'black water in lake' [Two Lakes].

Yeh k'i k'iququl'ih Vatutnutl'ech'a at niggiday hgi\chix ha.
They also would hunt there at 'black water in it' and they made skin boats.

K'etnu t'ech' hkanahehnitde\ Qeghnilen yeh hkanahetlnitde\ ha t'qut'ih.
They would come back in a group downstream, coming back downstream to 'current flows through' [Canyon Village on Stony River].

Qeghnilen k'i qayeh qighila ha yeh k'i ni\'egh hdults'ih.
At 'current flows through' there was a village, and they stayed together there.

Qizhjeh hch'ade\na k'eldunteh k'elduna yeh qe\ shan qedeh.
Sometimes some people coming from Kijik spent the summer there.

Łiq'a tl'eghit hnuyu Va\ts'atnaq' yeh tuhtede\ ha yeh k'i k'iququl'ih.
After salmon (fishing) then they would go to Mulchatna River to hunt there as well.

Ye qech' q'u Qizhjeh qech' ch'anahdulggesh ha t'qut'ih.
From there they would come back out to Kijik.

K'eldunteh Qizhjeh qut'ana Nila Vena qech' k'i nuqude\ ha t'qut'ih ha ni\'e\ chiqul'i\.
Sometimes the Kijik people went to 'islands lake' [Iliamna Lake] and they would play sports with one another.

Ni\qettitl' ha t'qut'ih k'eldunteh hdi ch'enlahi k'i e\ chiqul'i\ ha t'qut'ih.
They would potlatch together and also play the hand game with one another.

Iy chi'ul chi'ul ghu hq'ahghetnux ch'u yaqech' nuti vuna qech' k'i shtunhghidi\.
When they ended the games, they would go hunt over there on the seashore.

Nuti at qilani hdi iququl'ih.
They hunted for ocean fauna.

Qutsighi\'iy nihidi quyushi nihdi k'i iquqil'ih.
They hunted seals or belugas.

Yeqech' ghu nutih qayeh qilanghu ni\'egh hdults'ih ha shtunghidi\ ha ha k'i chiqul'i\.
In this way the two villages [Nondalton and Old Iliamna] lived together, went hunting, and played.

Thus They Told Us