Thus They Told Us
K'eluch'ey Gudlik
Spruce Bark Buckets
Told by Antone Evan
Thus They Told Us

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Long ago

yada gudlik nihdi qighisen, ha'it dghu
they didn't have any buckets, and so

shanteh ch'vala deghenhdghela ha tqut'an.
in summer they used to peel spruce trees.

Yi ghini gudlik gudlik qeydghun ha tqeyghi\'an.
They used to make those pails or buckets.

Yi shughu htsast'a hdi hyak'dedlach ha tqeyghi\'an.
That's what they used to cook things in long ago [spruce bark buckets.]

K'eluch'ey gudlik min\ni hya... min\ni hya\tl'et hya\tl’et ch'u
They'd pour water into the spruce back bucket and

yada ghu tudlach ch’u k'tsen qeyatu\de\ ch'q'u qa\nigi,
whatever they were going to cook, they would put meat in, and rocks,

nli tsagha\niga ghin ent'a yus des-hden\de\.
such as steambath (cooking) rocks, they would put on the fire.

Nilqix gheli sht’a idi'e\a qeyatuqeyden\de\.
When the rock got really hot, then they put them inside [the pot with the meat].

Nutih iqech' it hqugh ghu idnelghuzh.
Two (of the rocks) was enough to bring it to a boil.

Q'u endenlghush hnuyu kiq'u qeyatunk'denchet hnuyu denlghech shu t’et’ah gheli
When it came to a boil they would put another (rock) in the water

ha k’elish. Ench'u k’i nch’u k’i desdiqun. E\neq' zqun hq'u edelghush.
until it was cooked. They did not put containers out on the fire. The containers that are boiling are on the ground.

Dach' shughu k'ehdudlish da.
That's the way they used to cook.

Chaggesh t’u e\ kiq'u k'qe\t'as ha qut'an.
And they also used to roast things with a roasting stick.

Thus They Told Us