Thus They Told Us
Qunshi Uquch'elani
Beluga Hunting
Told by Peter Kalifornsky
Thus They Told Us

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Ts'iłq'a Kahtnu betnu qughuzdlent qunshi shegh qughilagh.
One time at the mouth of the Kenai River where the current flows, a beluga swam up to me.

Beł k'danłtetl', ch'u shegh qutuyghiłghel ch'u naqanełtan.
I shot it, and it floated by me and I brought it back to shore.

Ch'u quht'ana shegh hnidatl' ch'u quch'dghilu.
The people came to me and we butchered it.

Betsen ghinhdi łuq'u ch'eghnałggen ch'u bediłkidi ghinhdi ch'ełkuch.
We dried all of its meat, and we rendered its blubber into oil.

Ch'u tlegh ghinhdi dinunch'eznel.
We poured the oil into containers.

Ch'u dukaq' qughesht'a ch'qiluq. Heyi niłtu.
And we fastened the lids well. It was for winter.

Thus They Told Us