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Dena'ina Sukdu'a

Deggech' Tinitun Dilah Venah Qech'
The Upper Trail to Telaquana Lake
Told by Agnes Cusma

Ełyin Uqu Ch'ul'an
We Go For Spruce Hen
Told by Walter Johnson

Ggugguyni Sukdu
Raven Story
Told by Mary Oskolkoff

Htsast'a Ghu Nał Qighit'ach'
How It Was in the Past for Us
Told by Andrew Balluta

K'eluch'ey Gudlik
Spruce Bark Buckets
Told by Antone Evan

Kił Ch'qinaghiłnik'en Sutdu'a
The Story of the Stupid Boy
Told by Albert Wassillie

K'qizaghetnu Ht'ana
Lime Village Territory
Told by Pete Bobby

Naq'eltanich' Bahdach'nelneshi
The Lord's Prayer
Told by Peter Kalifornsky

Ndalvay Heyenghiłyihch'
How They Used to Train Geese
Told by Vonga Bobby

Nughil Vetnu Nudghiłent
At the Waterfall on Newhalen River
Told by Gabriel Trefon

Qunshi Uquch'elani
Beluga Hunting
Told by Peter Kalifornsky

Told by Sava Stephan

Susitnu Htsukdu'a
Susitna Story
Told by Shem Pete

Tuq'is Uqu Ch'el'ani
Hunting Sea Otters
Told by Vera Roehl

Told by Antone Evan

Learning To Hunt
Learning To Hunt
Told by Antone Evan

War Story
Told by Mike Alex

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Dena'ina Sukdu'a