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MARC 21 Bibliographic Data MARC 21 Authority -- LC
MARC 21 Holdings Data MARC 21 Authority -- OCLC
LC Country / Geo / Lang / Relators, Sources OCLC Bibliographic Formats & Standards
LC Classification Outline Initial Definite & Indefinite Articles
Free-Floating Subject Subdivisions Free-Floating Form Subdivisions  
This document is no longer maintained as of December 13, 2000
RLIN MARC Records - Bibliographic Data LC Subject Headings Weekly Lists
AACR2 : Access Points AACR2 : Descriptive Cataloging for Monographs

Ending Punctuation for Bibliographic Data
This document is no longer maintained as of December 13, 2000
HICAT-L -- Hawaii Cataloging List
Online Cataloging Calculator
Introduction to Cataloger's Desktop
by Fan Huang
Introduction to ClassWeb -- a document from Tulane
Web-Access to NISO Standards
Directory of Web resources for the Rare Materials cataloger

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