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Memo # 98-03b                                      12/28/98

Special table for

University of Hawaii System or University of Hawaii at Manoa

  • Class works by/about UH in LG 961, Cutter range .H37-465
  • For East-West Center, use LG 961, Cutter range .H692-699
  • do not perpetuate former local Cutter scheme for the Center.
  • (Note: shelfist has many older call numbers assigned in various ways.)
  • Charter (and founding)   .H37
    Heraldry, seal   .H373
    College statutes, by-laws, etc.   .H375
              General works. Official reports   .H37
                       Board of regents, trustees, etc.   .H38
                       President   .H39
                       Other administrative reports   .H392
                       Finance   .H393
                              Endowment   .H394
                              Appropriations & grants. By date.   .H395
                              Bequests, donations, etc.   .H397
                              Scholarships   .H398
              Policy & organization   .H399
                       Catalogs, registers, bulletins   .H3995
                              (cutter 2nd distinctive part,   .H3996
                              e.g. College of Ed. = .E38)
                       Annual, semiannual, quarterly   .H4
                       Announcements, circulars,
                              (incl. newsletters)   .H4a
                       Directories   .H4b
              Requirements for admission   .H4d
                       Entrance examinations, & accredited
                       schools (incl. accreditation)   .H4e
              Curriculum   .H4g
                       Syllabi (Collected)   .H4ga
                       Honors courses   .H4gb
                       Graduate work and courses   .H4h
                       Degrees and honors   .H4j
                       Miscellaneous publications   .H4k
              Collective   .H41
                              Directories   .H41a
                              General histories   .H41b
                              Obituary record   .H41c
                              General special   .H41d
                              General catalog   .H41f
                              Other catalogs   .H41g
                              By classes   .H41k
                              Founders   .H413
                              Presidents, by date of inaug.   .H417
                              Other faculty members, A-Z   .H418
              Reminiscences   .H419
    History and description
                       General   .H42
                       By period
              Description   .H43
                       General (incl. guidebooks)
              Views   .H433
              Dormitories, residence halls   .H434
              Individual buildings and places   .H438
    Student life and customs
              General work   .H44
                       Student societies and clubs   .H441
                       Class days or events
                              Freshman   .H442
                              Sophmore   .H443
                              Junior   .H444
                              Senior   .H445
                       General works   .H446
                       Addresses. Orations. Sermons.   .H447
                              By date
                       Presidential inaugurations   .H448
                              By date
                       Other special days & events   .H449
                              By date
              Undergraduate publications
                       Annuals   .H45
              Alumni activities
                       Graduate class publications   .H457
                       Alumni associations   .H46
              Special colleges, campuses, etc.   .H465 A-Z
                              .A7 Arts & Sciences
                              .E4 Education
                              .N4 New College
                              .T7 Tropical Agriculture

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