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Copy Numbers
The default copy number for all initial ITEM records to a given location is 0 [zero]. This is also referred to as copy 1 [one].
A subsequent copy added to the same Location will have a copy number of 2 [two]; increment by 1 for each additional copy in the same Location.
For copies going to different Locations, start the copy numbering from 0 [zero].
Special Collections exceptions:
Because the HAWN and PACC collections have special requirements regarding circulation and also have non-public stacks, the first copy to either collection will use the base location OuzWD0 or OuzPD0 [for non-circulating materials] in their MFHDs (for folios, use either OuzWfD0 or OuzPfD0). Their attached ITEM record(s) use the Item type of Library Use Only.
Copy numbers of subsequent copies added to either HAWN or PACC will have a copy number of 2 [two]; but the Location will change to OuzW or OuzP, and have the Item type of Book; increment by 1 for each additional copy in the same Location. Note that this is an exception to the rule of copy numbers for materials going to different locations.
On occasion, HAWN or PACC may order both hardbound and softbound copies of the same title. This raised the following two questions regarding copy numbers and circulation policy:
1) If HAWN⁄PACC acquires two copies of a title, and one copy is a hardcover and the other is a softcover, which would you like to be assigned copy one (non-circulating) and which would be copy two (circulating)?
Make both non circulating. We normally do that up here, but sometimes miss things. Please make the hard cover copy 1, and the softcover copy 2.
2) If HAWN⁄PACC acquires one copy of a title, and HMLTN (or other location) acquires an additional copy, and we process them at the same time, with one copy being a hardcover and the other a softcover, which copy would you like for HAWN⁄PACC?
Please send the hard cover to HAWN⁄PACC. Also, kindly inform HAWN⁄PACC when it happens that you received both a hard cover and a soft cover version of a title (flag them with a note for the selector) so that we can be sure to order the softcover.

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