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CAPSEA⁄CAPSA Material processing
Currently, CatSS receives one truck per week of materials from the ASIA Collection. The material arrives already targeted with the No-Go strips (metallic strips which trigger the exit alarm gate if not deactivated during the check-out process at the Circ desk) and is already property stamped. Ideally, materials should be distributed to CatSS staff on a weekly basis. Once the materials have been distributed:
1) Search the on-line catalog (to see if we have the piece, or have a copy of it on order)
General utilities searching guidelines
2) Search OCLC for copy (the preferred utility)
3) If only incomplete copy on OCLC is found, search other databases as appropriate (LC, Univ. of Auckland, etc.)
4) If no copy is found on OCLC, search other databases as appropriate (LC, Univ. of Auckland, etc.)
6) If no copy at all is found anywhere
Binding Processing
Put completed materials on the appropriate labeling truck (Hardcover, Softcover) or send directly to Preservation those items which need further conservation (Tip-ins, CD in volume, Mend, Stapled through spine, Loose pages, etc.) Full softcover routing instructions may be found here

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