cr unu---||||                                    [UHM default values in black]
00         Category of material                  c         Computer file
01         Specific material designation                  r         remote
02         Undefined                           [OBSOLETE, leave blank or accept defaults]
03         Color                                    u         Unknown
04         Dimensions                           n         Not applicable
05         Sound                                    u         unknown
06-08         Image bit depth                           ---         [default is 3 hyphens; assign true ratio if known]
09         File formats                           b         monochrome
10         Quality assurance targets                  |         No attempt to code [default is pipe]
11         Antecedent⁄source                           |         No attempt to code [default is pipe]
12         Level of compression                  |         No attempt to code [default is pipe]
13         Reformatting quality                  |         No attempt to code [default is pipe]

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