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Preliminary cataloging of a PDF printout:
2. Input standards:
3. Authority control:
4. Punctuation & spacing:
5. Diacritics & Special Characters:
6. Leader:
Record status n (new)
Type of record a (language material)
Bibliographic level m (monograph)
Encoding level 5
Descriptive Cataloging Form a (AACR2)
7. 006 Additional Material Characteristics (m- Computer File):
Type of file d (document)
8. 007 Physical description (c- Computer File):
Specific material designation r (remote)
Orig. vs. Repro (OBSOLETE) _ (undefined)
Color u (unknown)
Dimension n (not applicable)
Sound on medium u (unknown)
Image bit depth --- (unknown)
File Format through Reformatting Quality | (no attempt to code)
9. 008 Fixed Field:
Date entered Required (System supplied)
Date type Mandatory (Default = s)
Date 1 Mandatory (Default = 2005, change to year of publication)
Illustrations (1-4) Input if applicable
Form of item s (electronic)
Nature of contents Accept default if bibliographic materials are present. (Default = b)
Index Accept default if index is present. (Default = 0)
10. Variable Fields:
040 Source of Cataloging
Accept default ‡a ‡c  (‡a HUH ‡c HUH)
050 B4 Library of Congress Call no. assigned by non-LC agency
Accept default; leave call number incomplete.
100 Personal Name Main Entry
Verify name in Authority File. Use authorized form if available.
Input name as it appears on the title page if unverified. Use upper⁄lower case.
Change to 110, 111 or 7XX if appropriate
245 Title Statement
Subfield Input order is ‡a ‡h ‡n ‡p ‡b ‡c
Keep the first indicator as a 1 if 1XX tag is present
260 Imprint
Input ‡a (Place of publication) :
Input ‡b (Name of publisher),
Input ‡c (Year followed by full stop, match to 008⁄Year 1)
Use ‡a [S.l. : ‡c s.n.], if place⁄name unknown
300 Physical Description
Edit default ‡a 1 electronic text (NUMBER OF PAGES FROM PDF READER p.) to indicate number of pages as calculated by the PDF reader
Edit ‡b if appropriate <default ‡ b digital, PDF file, ill.> ; match to Illustration codes in 008
No ‡c.
490 Series Statement
Transcribe exactly as it appears
First Indicator (default is 1)
1 The series has no corresponding added entry (not traced) or has a corresponding 800-830 series added entry field (traced differently)
0 No series added entry is desired for the series (UHM does not use first indicator 0)
538 System Details Note
Accept default ‡a Mode of access: World Wide Web.
504 Bibliography Note
Complete ‡a if bibliographical references are present
Delete 504 tag and 008⁄Bibliography if bibliography not present
500 General Note
Add as needed; input note(s) into ‡a
Use multiple 500 tags for multiple notes
Use this note to record:
In title the word pi is represented by the Greek symbol.
533 Reproduction Note
Accept default ‡a Printout.
Edit ‡b if appropriate <default ‡b [Honolulu : >
Edit ‡c if appropriate <default ‡c University of Hawaii at Manoa Library, >
Edit ‡d to match date in 008 <default ‡d 20**] >
Edit ‡e to match physical piece in hand <default ‡e PAGINATION ; ## cm. >
Edit ‡n to reflect capture date <default ‡n Printed from WWW MON. DAY, YEAR. >
When tag is completed, copy the tag to put into the MFHD as an 843 tag
7XX Added Entry
Add if appropriate
Follow input standards as for 100 Tag
8XX Series Added Entry
When value "1" is used in series 490 tag, the appropriate field 800-830 is built during the BAM process to provide the series added entry.
856 40 Electronic Location and Access
Edit ‡u to match URL <default ‡u http:⁄⁄URL_GOES_HERE >
After saving the record to the database, be sure to use Cataloger's toolkit to BAM the record
11. MFHD & ITEM records:
‡b Location Code = As appropriate
866 = Supply if appropriate
843 = Paste the 533 tag from the bib record, and change to an 843 tag in the MFHD
Original paper copy ITEM:
Barcode = Use barcoded 4”x2” self adhesive label, attach after the title page.
Item Type = As appropriate
Enumeration = Supply if appropriate, match format to 866

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