DVD (use also for VDC format)
vd_*vaiz*                           [default values in black]
00         Category of material                  v         videorecording
01         Specific material designation                  d         videodisc
02         Original⁄reproduction aspect                           [OBSOLETE, leave blank or accepts defaults]
03         Color
                                             b         black-&-white
                                             c         color
                                             m         mixed (color with b⁄w)
04         Videorecording format                  v         DVD
05         Sound on medium                           a         sound on medium
06         Medium for sound                           i         videodisc
07         Dimensions                           z         other [use for all videodiscs]
08         Config of playback channels
                                             k         mixed
                                             m         monaural (one channel)
                                             n         not applicable (silent)
                                             q         quad. (& multi-channel 'surround' sound⁄Dolby digital)
                                             s         stereophonic (two channels)
                                             u         unknown
                                             z         other
Locally assigned call number format                  DVD ####
Sample 300 tag:
‡a 1 DVD (60 min.) :‡b sd., col., ;‡c 4 3⁄4 in. + ‡e 1 teacher's guide.
Related codes
Technique (008) a=animation; l=liveaction; c=mix of both animation and live

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