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Asia Reference copy-cataloging procedures
When copy-cataloging non-CJK materials from CAPSEA⁄CAPSA for Asia, examine the subject headings. If the subject headings indicate materials which might be appropriate for the Reference collection (look for subject headings including such terms as Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, or Bibliography), assign a location of ASIA REF. If the selector subsequently decides that the piece should go to the circulating stacks, the piece will be routed for correction within the Asia Collection, where the REF will be crossed out on the spine label, the "Library Use Only" line on the pocket label will be crossed out, and the MFHD and ITEM records edited to reflect the correct location.
Asia selectors will still need to be consulted for:
For these materials, process them into the database, and print out a copy of the bib record. Do not count stats at this point. Write the question you have on the printout, initial and date the printout, and put the piece on the ASIA selector review shelf. When the piece is returned to you from the selector with the answer, make corrections to the bib record as needed, and count the stats at this point.
For transliteration questions that cannot be handled in the department, write a note requesting transliteration, initial and date the note, and insert the note into the piece. The pieces will be collected in the CatSS work area until a box worth of materials has been collected. Once it has been, they will be boxed up and sent to the Asia Collection for transliteration.

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