last updated Thu Feb-23-2006  13:08
Location of barcodes:
Hawn⁄Pacc had requested that the barcode be placed closer to the spine so it won't be covered by the dust jacket flap. This issue was discussed at a Collection Services meeting 9⁄17⁄98t. Recommendation was:  Move the barcode as far left as necessary so it is close to the edge of the jacket flap (may require pasting barcode sideways).
Recommendation accepted, CSD, 1⁄7⁄99
LINING PAPERS: if the book has lining papers, follow these guidelines.
BOXED BOOKS (phase or tuxedo)
barcode box, not book
SOFTCOVERS: place barcode on 2 x 3 Avery label; affix label face up on the "Contents" page or page next to the title page verso, using Scotch Removable tape.
Replacing Negative (N##) Barcodes, Temporary (TMP###) Barcodes, or Changing Barcodes
Click on the ellipse next to the current barcode number.
The barcode editor will open.
Scan in the new barcode.
Highlight the old (called "Inactive") barcode and click on the Delete button.
Delete the old barcode.
Close the barcode editor by clicking on the Close button in the lower right hand corner of the editor.
Save the ITEM record.