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CatSS General Instructions for Copy Cataloging
Search Voyager:
Records for earlier editions of the book to be ordered may be copied and serve as the basis for a new record.
Check for presence of series statements; verify against Voyager
General priciples of record matching include:
Check that the 245 title matches the order title
Check that the nonfiling indicator for title fields, such as 245, are accurate.
Tags and indicators for authority controlled fields must be consistent with current USMARC, bibliographic utility, and⁄or LC practice.
Current edit checks will not allow you to file obsolete tags or fields or subfields; modify or delete as instructed. When in doubt, inquire.
Check call numbers only in a general sense. However, anything that seems strange should be verified by a cataloger. The most common problem is an analyzed series type call no. for what really is a cat sep monograph:
e.g.    AS36 .W53 v.1, no.2
Also, even DLC records occasionally have typographical errors, the most common being misplaced or missing decimals in the cutter, and dates needing editing in CIP records.
050 00 is reserved for true LC call numbers
050 _4 is used for other LC type call numbers assigned by us or other libraries
245 title should be transcribed as closely as possible to the title page, except for punctuation
245 ‡c: Honorifics such as Dr. are not transcribed.
260 date check that the correct date(s) in the fixed filed and in 260 date of publication match
Record selection guildelines:
As much as possible, use records in Voyager to build on a close match earlier edition.  When you must search outside for a record, search OCLC first for Western⁄non-CJK titles.
If you find dups in OCLC, select a record according to this order:
1) 050, with inputting library codes DLC
2) 050, with UKM code
3) 090 or 050  4 in a member record that is more complete than other equivalent records
4) other records with no call number or with NLM, Dewey or other classification call number
Magic number search points (if known)
010 LCCN
020 ISBN
028 Publishers number

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