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Donor notes
Donor notes are recorded in the MFHD's 852 as a public note, using ‡z. Do not confuse with Gift notes, which do not display to the publice, and which are in the MFHD in a 541 tag. Donor notes are generally used for small gifts (one or two titles), wheras gift notes are generally reserved for larger, ongoing gifts.
‡b OuzH ‡h SB615.C45 ‡i I58 2000 ‡z <Gift of R. Muniappan.>
‡b OuzH ‡h QA37.3 ‡i .L48 2007 ‡z <Gift of author, Prof. Claude Le´vesque.> ‡z <Inscribed by author.>
‡b OuzANorthE ‡k <Chapuis> ‡h PB5.335 ‡i .M88 2011 ‡z <Gerard Chapuis Memorial Collection>

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