last updated Tue Jun-15-2004  16:09
The following general principles for holdings records (MFHD) and holdings statements have been adopted by SCCC, and constitute systemwide guidelines.
1. Libraries will use summary holdings statements for multi-part, multi-volume or serial items.
2. In constructing summary holdings statements, all libraries will follow the ANSI⁄NISO Z39.71 and MARC21 holdings standards, as shown to us by Alice Permenter.
Alice's Power Point presentation is available here
The concise version of MARC21 for holdings data is available here
The Z39.71 standard can be downloaded as a pdf document for free from here
3. In the case of holdings for multi-part, multi-volume or serial items that migrated from CARL, libraries will consolidate into summary holdings statements the long runs of item-by-item entries created during the migration.
[NOTE: If the variable information (volume, number, year) was stored in CARL item record "buckets" the result was multiple 866 tags in a Voyager holdings record.  If the variable information was stored in the CARL item record call number field as part of the call number, the result was multiple Voyager holdings records.  In both cases, the holdings data should be consolidated into summary holdings statements in Voyager.]
4. In the case where there is more than one copy of an item, libraries will create a separate holdings record for each copy.
Create new holdings records when you are:
a) adding a copy to another location,
b) adding another copy to the same location, or
c) adding a copy with a different call no.

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