Appendix I: Requirements for ITEM records
  1. All physical pieces must have an item record.  The item record does not have to have a barcode number.  UHM⁄Law practice is to create a dummy barcode number using 1090 + the 6-digit Voyager bibliographic identification number. [Note: if there is no barcode number, the callslip function does not work properly.]
  1. The item record must indicate the number of pieces associated with the item.  In the case of bound withs, the item record must reflect the number of pieces contained in the bound volume.
  1. Electronic-only titles and umbrella records for monographic series do not require item records.
  1. The location code shown in the mfhd must match the permanent location shown in the item record.  If the location code in the mfhd is changed, the permanent location in the item record must be edited, since Voyager does not automatically update it.

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