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(NOTE: These guidelines apply to DVDs with video content and a set viewing sequence, i.e., content is chiefly linear in nature. For "multimedia" DVD titles, consider cataloging as a computer file, and adapt as needed descriptive rules for CD-ROMs. For DVD-R instructions, click here. For Audio DVD instructions, click here)
DVD is both an audio⁄video storage medium and a computer data storage medium. It appeared as a new format, invented jointly by nine major companies (Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba et al.) in September, 1995.  DVD discs look like a CD-ROM or audio CD (4 ¾ in. in diameter). There is argument over whether DVD stands for, or once stood for, "digital video disc⁄disk," " digital versatile disc⁄disk," or for nothing.
DVD descriptive cataloging resembles that for laserdiscs and videotapes.
007 examples:
OCLC 007:      v ‡b d ‡d c ‡e v ‡f a ‡g i ‡h z ‡i u
Variable fields
245      ‡h [videorecording]
300     ‡a 1 videodisc :‡b sd., col. ;‡c 4 3⁄4 in.
300     ‡a 1 videodisc (xxx min.) :‡b sd., col. ;‡c 4 3⁄4 in.
538     ‡ a DVD format.
538     ‡ a DVD format; coded for Region [number].
538     ‡ a DVD format; MPEG-1 encoding .
Supply the DVD regional coding information when readily available, if not coded for Region 1 (USA and Canada).
(For DVD video items, system requirements note not needed, or optional.)
Language codes and notes:   Because of the large storage capacity, DVDs may contain multiple sound tracks and⁄or subtitles in multiple languages.
041:  1  ‡a eng ‡b eng ‡b kor ‡b spa
546       ‡a Closed-captioned.
546       ‡a In English, with optional Spanish sound-track; subtitles in English or Spanish or Korean.
Optionally, provide 500 notes to indicate significant additional physical features of the DVD.   Examples:
500        ‡a One side widescreen format, one side pan and scan.
500        ‡a Dolby Surround sound.
500        ‡a THX encoded.
Provide summary note (field 520) or contents note (field 505), if content is not apparent from title, as is done for videos.  If the DVD version of a feature film or stage performance includes additional content or background information, note it, and provide additional subject headings as needed. 
500     ‡a Includes biographies of actors and production information.
500     ‡a Includes theatrical trailer, photo gallery, and interview with director.
DVD containing two or more works:
245 04    ‡a The arrival ‡h [videorecording] ;‡b Arrival II ⁄ ‡c [statement of responsibility].
500   ‡a Originally released as motion pictures in 1996 (Arrival) and 1998 (Arrival II).
FORMAT TERMS (898 field)
898 fields now obsolete.      898 format terms officially discontinued as of Jan. 2002.  Delete existing 898 fields if you are touching or editing a record for a videorecording.
Formerly, 898 fields with a special format keyword were produced in UHCARL (and migrated into Voyager) to enable searching limits for videorecordings:
898  ‡a FVIT Videotape
Processing: Beginning with May 2003, Processing for DVD's changed to reflect AV Center's rehousing policy. Please see appropriate case discriptions below.

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