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Procedures for cataloging "bound withs"
The "bound with" situation occurs when multiple bib records share a single barcode.
When two or more titles, each with its own bibliographic record, are bound into a single volume,  the bib records must be linked to a single ITEM record.
The ITEM record for the first item in the vol. is the primary ITEM record.
Step 1:  Retrieve the bib record for the first work in the volume, and create a MFHD and ITEM record.
a. For anals. which include numbering in the call numbers of the boundwith titles, or numbered volumes of an MPI bound together, edit the default MFHD call number to create an inclusive call number in the MFHD.  
E.g., ‡a LC160.O3 ‡i P35 no.1-3
b. For unrelated works bound together, use the call number of the first work in the volume.
Step 2:  Search Voyager for all the bibs of the remaining works in the volume, and record their VID numbers.
Step 3:  If the bound-with titles (for the second and subsequent bibs) have ITEMs and⁄or MFHDs, delete those ITEM and MHFD records.
Step 4:  Retrieve the primary ITEM record.
Step 5:  Choose: Record--Link to bibliographic, and enter the VID(s) of the bib record(s) of the bound with titles.
Voyager will create a list of the bound with bibs under the associated records display for the primary MFHD.
The list of titles displaying in the boundwith window will default to alpha order.
From Alice Permenter:
Regarding your bound with situation:  my interpretation would be to code the MFHD as "x" for single-part item because your item is *physically* one piece.  Where you will not be able to resolve this dilemma with this justification are situations where you have one or more volumes of a multi-part set bound with something else.  It would be nice to think you will never encounter this situation, but I've seen it in 2 different libraries so far.
To unlink a bound with (should this ever prove necessary):
Step 1: Retrieve the MFHD
Step 2.: Go to [RECORD] to select [UNLINK Holding from Bib]
This will open up a window that list all titles linked to this MFHD. From here you can choose the bib you want to unlink.
Linking accompanying materials for multi-media items to more than one bib record
Do not link as a boundwith, as the callslip function won't work for this. Link text to the first volume of the set.
Let Sinclair Tech know that there needs to be a note on the remaining volumes.

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