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RLIN union catalog
Selected RLIN searching and action commands
fin sav finds today's HAUO bib or authority records entered in "s" status
fin st s retrieves a list of all bib or authority HAUO records with "s" status, in no discernible order
fin st s  [yy-mm-dd] finds "s" status records saved on a particular date
fin upd retrieves today's edited records
fin add retrieves today's records entered in "s" or "p" status
fin prp [name] retrieves anyone's authority records from pending file by Pending Record Phrase
fin id [HAUO number] retrieves a particular record
set fun cat mai⁄sel fil bks ser⁄set inp ser⁄fin id ** ⁄tra id Transfers bib data from one format to another.  Sample command shows transfers of BKS data to a serial input workform.
007 [XXX] To create 007 field, send command 007 + 3-letter code for the format, e.g., 007 MIC [REC, etc.]
sel fil bks ser⁄set inp ser⁄fin id dclc#####⁄tra cre* (or ⁄tra der) Transfer DCLC record from BKS to SER
sel fil ser bks⁄set inp bks⁄fin id dclc#####⁄tra cre* (or ⁄tra der) Transfer DCLC record from SER to BKS
gen [000} Generate authority record; gen + field numeric tag, hypen, sequence no., i.e., gen 700-4 generates an NAR for the fourth 700 field in the bib record
To delete a record from RLIN:
Add a field with tag INS (indicators blank), and the letter "d" without quotes as the text of the field. Authority record can be "s" status; bib record probably has to be in production status.

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