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1. Special Collections staff sends new unbound masters and doctoral theses to Cataloging Support Section for copy cataloging.
a.  A unbound paper copy of each thesis is placed in an unmarked manila envelope.
b.  A 4” x 2” self-adhesive label with barcode and pre-assigned call number is attached to the title page of the paper copy.
2. CatSS staff creates a single Books⁄Scores Format preliminary cataloging bibliographic record for the piece. The completed preliminary record is filed into the live database. Theses include masters and doctoral dissertations.
3.  If Hilo or another UH System library has already created a record for the thesis in Voyager, CatSS staff will use that record for UH Manoa copies of the thesis. CatSS will proofread and correct any typos or access point errors, including addition of or editing of the supplied 830 thesis series heading.  (Further editing or revising of the description or coding is the responsibility of the reviewing cataloger.)
4. CatSS staff also creates MFHD & ITEM records with IN CATALOGING [LC-style call number] call numbers for copies.
5. The theses are sent to the Bindary. Once returned, the pieces are forwarded to Original Cataloging for upgrading the records and completing the cataloging.  Original Cataloging staff will:
a.  Complete authority verification.
b.  Revise or add descriptive elements of adaptive theses records to standard UHM practice.
c.  Add subject headings (or improve existing one(s)).
d.  Change MFHD records to UHM analytic classification.
              (For details, see   UH theses--Orig. procedures )

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