WINE MARC Project Phase III Report
Editing Guide for OCLC CJK Software Users
(March 2004)
(Prepared by Hisako Kotaka, Cataloging Products & Services Division, March 2004)
Waseda University Library (LWU) Batchload of Japanese Bibliographic Records (Phase III) is one of active projects in OCLC Project Schedule. The initial 2 files were processed in March 2004. This project covers ongoing monthly loads of WINE (Waseda Information Network) records to OCLC WorldCat via EDX file transfer.
Initial batchload transaction summary is as follows:
149,115 Total Number of Records Received from LWU
  31,505 Total number of holdings set (matched records)
114,037 Total number of records added to WorldCat (new records)
       168 Total number of records that are invalid or not selected
    3,405 Total unresolved records*
149,115 Total records processed
Set Holdings
  31,505 Total number of holdings set (matched records)
114,037 Total number of records added to WorldCat (new records)
145,452 Total number of LWU holdings set in WorldCat
*  Detailed explanation is available on request.
WINE Record Editing Guide for OCLC CJK Software Users
Waseda University Library continues to share the Library's Japanese bibliographic information with librarians, scholars, students, and general library users over the OCLC worldwide networking system. To make the Waseda's contribution most accessible and useful to global OCLC users, OCLC has posted the WINE record editing guide: “WINE MARC Record Editing Guide for OCLC CJK Software Users (July 2001).” [No longer available from http:⁄⁄⁄support⁄documentation⁄cjk⁄related⁄wine⁄.]  This editing guide is valid and applicable to all WINE records today. 
Since last fall, a new issue has surfaced concerning the use of MARC 040 ‡b jpn in all WINE records. OCLC Technical Bulletin No. 250 “Parallel Records,” (October 2003) http:⁄⁄⁄support⁄documentation⁄worldcat⁄tb⁄250⁄ describes the MARC field 040 ‡b for the language of cataloging used for non-English parallel records. According to TB 250, all WINE records having 040 ‡b jpn are considered Japanese-version parallel records to those records processed in other language of cataloging such as English. And, OCLC system today would accept parallel records in different languages of cataloging as unique each other.
However, the MARC record with Japanese scripts is structured by linking Japanese script fields to the romanized (transliteration) field using the 880 with ‡6 (Alternate Graphic Representation). Thus, the Japanese-version and the English-version parallel records would result in practical duplicates. To avoid such things happen in WorldCat, Waseda University Library and OCLC discussed and agreed to supplement the Guide with the following provisions:
  1. Do not input a new English-version parallel record to the existing WINE record.
  • Enhance the existing WINE record by removing 040 b jpn and treat it MARC 21 compatible, AACR2 compliant English-version record.
  • Retain all WINE MARC data originally contributed by Waseda University Library from the master record in WorldCat.
  • Edit and replace the WINE record as described in the established guide.
  • Locally adjust, if necessary, before update and⁄or export the WINE record to meet the local deed. 
    Here are some sample WINE records that were loaded into WorldCat recently.
    #54549739     #54550420   #54552280    #54624701 (enhanced by COO)

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