For unrestricted access titles, the link page looks like this:
CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians
UNRESTRICTED:free access
Journal (with Full Text) : v.46 n.1 (Jan, 1996)-
Note the URL text directly after the question mark -- dbId indicates that this title in located on the proxy server, while jId would indicate the title was available only from an aggregator and should not be used.
3) For unrestricted use titles, check the bib record to see if there is an 856 already in place in the bib record. If there is no 856 in the bib for an unrestricted resource, click on the free access link to go to the vendor's site. If possible, navigate to the appropriate article and select the article's URL for the 856 in the bib record. If it is not possible to navigate to the individual article, then use the vendor's default site (the one that popped up when you clicked on the free access link). Always prefer the direct article link.
856  4 *  ‚u http:⁄⁄VENDOR SITE URL GOES HERE
* Be sure to code the second indicator of the 856 to reflect the type of resource.
2nd indicator is:
On occasion, there will be multiple iterances of a title
In cases such as these, select the entry which best relates to the piece in hand.
When you add an 856 40 (URL for the resource described in the record) or an 856 41 (URL for full-text version of the resource described in the record), you need to a remote e-resources 007 to the bib record per the instructions in the General Instructions for E-resources.

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