Type the following keys to insert the corresponding diacritic when Diacritic Mode is turned on
Acute                  b
Angstrom                  j [jay]
Breve                  f
Candrabindu         o
Cedilla                  p
Circle Above         j [jay]
Circle Below         t
Circumflex         c
Dot Above         g
Dot Below         r
Double Acute         n
Double Dot Below         s
Double Tilde first half         z
Double Tilde second half         {
Double Underscore         u
Grave                  a
Hacek                  i
High Comma centered         ~
High Comma off center         m
Hook Left                  w
Hook Right         q
Inverted cedilla         x
Left Hook                  w
Ligature left         k
Ligature right         l
Macron                  e
Pseudo Question Mark         `
Right Cedilla         x
Right Hook         q
Superior Dot         g
Tilde                  d
Umlaut                  h
Underscore         v
Upadhmaniya         y
OCLC's guidelines (from Diacritics and Special Characters, 2nd ed.):
If one diacritic is used below the character and one above, enter the _below_ diacritic first, then the _above_ diacritic.
If both diacritics are used above the character, one above the other, use the uppermost diacritic first, then the lower diacritic.
If both diacritics are used above the character, side by side, and one is a Vietnamese tonal mark [grave, tilde, pseudo-question mark, acute], enter the tonal mark first, then the vowel mark [breve or circumflex]. [The dot below a letter is also a tonal mark, but is covered by the first rule.]

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