Restricted OER
1) Create a MFHD if not already present.
2) Location = ZWeb
4) No Holdings statement.
5) Delete BIB notes such as "Library has both print and electronic formats", usually in BIB 590.
6) Enter a 530 field, Additional physical forms available note, in the bib. Suggested wording in general restricted 530 note: Also available by subscription via World Wide Web.  If existing 530 note is vendor-specific (e.g. Elsevier Science Direct, OCLC FirstSearch) or inaccurate, clean up to match general note.
7) Move BIB UHM access restriction notes, e.g. "Access restricted to internet domain" or "Access restricted to UHM only" to MFHD 852 ‡z.   Please cleanup as follows:
STANDARDIZED NOTE for restricted OER (MFHD 852 ‡z):
<Access for UHM faculty, students and staff>
8) Delete any other BIB access restriction notes not related to UHM, usually in BIB 506.
9) OERs will NOT have item records. Circulation is able to see the ELECTRONIC FORMAT call #, so lack of item record should not be a problem for them.
The above instructions 1-9 are ongoing. The next instruction is a temporary procedure. The ultimate goal is to create "jump pages" on a library server for OER that will have permanent⁄persistent URLs, so that the MFHD URLs will never need updating. When jump pages are available, a large-scale restricted OER MHFD cleanup project will take place.
10) MFHD 856 should ONLY have ‡u. Delete ‡z⁄‡3 if present. If OER has multiple URLs (e.g. backfile vs. current issues), repeat 856, do NOT use ‡z⁄‡3.
856 ‡u http:⁄⁄⁄12345
856 ‡u http:⁄⁄⁄12345
Brief explanation of rejected alternatives:
The problem is a bug in the Voyager OPAC display, where the presence of a MFHD 856 ‡z⁄‡3 prevents display of the 856 ‡u. The bug has been reported, earliest possible fix date early 2002. Options considered by the committee:
a. Repeat URL in 856 ‡u and in ‡z with any note. This workaround does not conform to MARC standards. Would require cleanup after bug is fixed.
b. Move note from MFHD 856 ‡z⁄‡3 to MFHD 852 ‡z. 852 notes would display several fields away from 856 display, and all 852 ‡z notes display in one continuous⁄wrapped line, even if in separate repeated 852 tags.
c. Prefix 856 ‡z⁄‡3 existing note with "Click Here". Creates confusing display and actual URL is not shown.
All of the above options (intended as permanent procedures) would also have required two 856 tags per URL, one pointing directly to the OER, the second pointed through the library's proxy server. The URLs would also have to be updated by cataloging staff on request

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