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Bib record -- Version input by CatSS
    Template defaults in blue   Variable values in red  
      CatSS Prelim UHM Thesis bib record standards
Leader   Type of record t ; Accept template default
Leader   Encoding level K ; Accept template default
COMP 006   (degree with e-resource only) m       d         ; Accept template default
COMP 007   (degree with e-resource only) cr unu---||||| ; Accept template default
008⁄Pub stat   Publication status s ; Accept template default
008⁄Date 1   Year of thesis 2000 ; Edit to match 260
008⁄Place   Place of publication xx ; Accept template default
008⁄Ill 1-4   Illustration codes Edit to match 300 tag values
008⁄Form   (degree with e-resource only) s ; Accept template default
008⁄Cont. 1   Contents (alpha.) b=bibliography Retain if 504 note present b ; Accept template default; delete if no references
008⁄Cont 2   Contents (alpha.) m=thesis (move up to 1 if no references) m ; Accept template default
008⁄Index   Index 0 ; Change to 1 if index present
008⁄Lang.   Language eng ; Accept template default ; edit if appropriate
008⁄Source   Cataloging source d ; Accept template default
040   Cataloging source ‡a HUH ‡ c HUH ; Accept template default
050 _4 Local LC-style call # Edit default template values to match piece info
100 1_ Personal name, main entry Use authorized form, or form from local database
245⁄‡a 1# Title statement ; input appropriate filing indicator Transcribe as found on original ms.
245⁄‡h   (degree with e-resource only) ‡h [electronic rresource] ; Accept template default
245⁄‡b   Subtitle Add, if appropriate
245⁄‡c   Statement of responsibility Transcribe as found on original ms.
246   Varying form of title ; input appropriate indicators Add, if appropriate
260   Imprint ; input ‡c only Edit default template values to match 008⁄Date 1
300⁄‡a   Physical description ; pagination Edit default template values to match pagination
300⁄‡b   Physical description ; illustrations⁄maps Edit default template value to match ill. code(s)
300⁄‡c   Physical description ; size 29 cm. ; Accept template default ; edit if needed
    Order of notes for Thesis  
538   System details note (degree with e-resource only) Mode of access: World Wide Web.
502   Thesis note (date must match 008 and 260) Edit default template values
530   Add'tl. form note (degree with e-resource only) Also available by subscription via World Wide Web.
504   Bibliographical references note Edit default template values ; delete if no references
505   Contents note Add, if appropriate
533   Electronic reproduction note (degree with e-resource only) Edit default template values
856   Electronic Location and Access note (degree with e-resource only) Add ProQuest URL ; delete if no electronic available
830 _0 Local series statement Edit default template values

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