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Double Diacritics
Double diacritic input standards (from Voyager's Diacritics.cfg file, 8⁄17⁄06, 1:56 PM)
Combination Used to modify Keyboard Equivalent
breve⁄acute a Ctrl+d fb Ctrl+d
breve⁄tilde a Ctrl+d fd Ctrl+d
cedilla⁄macron e o Ctrl+d pe Ctrl+d
circle below⁄macron r Ctrl+d te Ctrl+d
circumflex⁄acute a e o Ctrl+d cb Ctrl+d
circumflex⁄grave a e o Ctrl+d ca Ctrl+d
circumflex⁄tilde e o Ctrl+d cd Ctrl+d
circumflex⁄pseudo question mark a e o Ctrl+d c` Ctrl+d
dot below⁄circumflex a e o Ctrl+d rc Ctrl+d
dot below⁄breve a Ctrl+d rf Ctrl+d
dot below⁄macron a l o r Ctrl+d re Ctrl+d
inverted cedilla⁄macron o Ctrl+d xe Ctrl+d
macron⁄tilde u Ctrl+d ed Ctrl+d
          One above⁄one below: input below first and above second
          One above the other:   input upper diacritic first and lower second
          Side by side above the character (Vietnamese tonal marks)
                      tonal mark FIRST and vowel mark second
Tonal Marks Keyboard Equivalent  
Grave a  
Tilde d  
Pseudo Question Mark ` [back tic]  
Acute b  
Vowel Marks    
Hacek i  
Circumflex c  

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