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Multimedia (Accompanying materials)
We use the term multimedia to mean a work consisting of print (a book) plus a non-print item which is not going to Wong Audiovisual Center.  Example: a SciTech book with a CD-ROM inserted in a sleeve in the back of the book. The term AV (audiovisual) generally means titles cataloged for the Wong AV Center, Sinclair Library.
Copy cataloging guidelines
Search local database for ACQRECs, duplicates, or usable bib records.
Search bibliographic utilities for matching, usable bib records.
No Hits = Input a preliminary IN CATALOGING bib record.
No Hit prelimininary records⁄Adaptive records = File in Cataloging backlog
Starting November 20, 2009, we no longer record the presence of any accompanying material in books (maps, CD-ROMs, microfiche, etc.) in either the MFHD or the Item record, even if the book and CD-ROM get housed separately, the piece count in the ITEM for the CD-ROM no longer needs to match the physical number of discs.
Bib record
OCLC guidelines say to "use 006 field to code for characteristics of an item that cannot be coded in the fixed field. Use 006 to code the characteristics of accompanying material of "multimedia." For example, code the 006 for a map that accompanies a book, or for a CD-ROM that accompanies a book.
For monographs: accept the 006 if it is available; do not input if lacking.
When your multimedia title consists of print plus a nonprint component, collate the nonprint as accompanying material in the 300 field:
‡a vi, 245 p. : ‡bill. ; ‡c 23 cm. + ‡e 1 CD-ROM (4 3⁄4 in.)
‡a 300 p. ; ‡c 24 cm. + ‡e 1 computer disc (3 1⁄2 in.)
Multimedia titles are
currently housed in:
ITEM type by location:
as of (05⁄15⁄07)
ASIA (general stacks) Book
ASIA REF Library Use Only
AV⁄C (Includes HMLTN SCI TECH titles) AV⁄Media items
EAST (general stacks)  
EAST REF Library Use Only
HAWN (Loc code OuzWD0) Library Use Only
HMLTN (generral stacks, rehoused in LBS binder) Book
HMLTN REF Library Use Only
HMLTN CLOSED Book (Unless D0 is indicated on worksheet)
HMLTN SCI TECH (Loc code OuzV) AV⁄Media items
HMLTH SCI TECH REF (Loc code OuzHSciRef) Library Use Only
PACC (Loc code OuzPD0) Library Use Only
SINC CLOSED Book (Unless D0 is indicated on worksheet)
Internet resources = OuzZ (no ITEM record is needed)
For non-Ref and non-AV materials, unless selectors state otherwise, the item type will be: Book. Books with music CD or CD-ROM in a sleeve will be considered one shelvable unit and receive one barcode.
If the selector wants the book and accompanying CD separated, then the CD or CD-ROM will get a CD-ROM accession-style number regardless of bib-record format and the disc(s) will be located in the appropriate Ref. collection. There will be two MFHDs, one for the book with an LC classification and one for the CD or CD-ROM with CD-ROM accession-style call number. As of 2003, Asia selectors often want the accompanying CD separated; Hamilton selectors often want the disc kept with the book. Go figure.
(Process the split CD or CD-ROM as you would a stand-alone CD or CD-ROM, see E-resources,   HAWN⁄PAC, HMLTH REF & ASIA REF and AV⁄C & Asia Circ)
Item records
If only one PO is used for a title which we subsequently split into more than one BIB record,
Please enter the information on this spreadsheet
Follow the established pattern.

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