last updated Thu Jun-24-2004  17:18
Book Processing⁄Book jackets
After much discussion (ca. 2001?)  of the varying requests from public service staff on handling book jackets, Cataloging Dept. staff agreed to the following guidelines.
1. HAWN, PACC -------------------
Keep dust jacket on the book.
Stick the barcode close enough to the center of the inside back cover so that the book jacket flap will not obscure it.
If call no. label is produced in Cataloging Dept., print⁄paste a second spine label, and paste on the book jacket.
Hawn⁄Pac retain the book jackets permanently.
2. BHSD -------------------------
Remove from book; discard all BHSD book jackets.
3. ASIA, EAST, SCI, SINC Music -----------------------
Remove jacket from book; fold; re-insert in book.
(No spine label will be printed⁄pasted on book jacket. Selectors will retain⁄discard book jackets as desired.)
4. JUV  ------------------------------
Remove book jacket; discard.

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