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OCLC credits (per 2004⁄05 OCLC price list):
For each record enhanced:  $ 5.52
For each minimal level record upgrade:  $ 2.83
For each record enrichment:  $ 0.556
For each delete HUH holdings:  $ 0.455
For each original record (Full, Minimal level, Core):  $ 4.27
All cat volume discount:   $ 0.10⁄per update, once threshhold of 1000 updates⁄month is reached
Enhance capabilities  (from Enhance training outline, at:    http:⁄⁄⁄support⁄services⁄worldcat⁄training⁄enhanceoutline.en.html   )
UH is an REGULAR ENHANCE library for books format only.
Who can replace what records.
1. Member can replace own record if no other holdings are attached.
2. Full mode and above can replace minimal and lower level records (Encoding Levels K, M, 2, 3, 4 (no 042 = pcc), 5, and 7).
3. Full mode and above can add 006 and 007 fields, call numbers, subject headings, and contents notes to most records and field 300 to CIP records.
4. Full mode and above can replace full-level non-CONSER Serial records with ten or fewer holdings.
5. CONSER participants can replace authenticated Serials.
6. Regular Enhance participants can replace full-level member-input records (Encoding Levels I, J, and L) in the format(s) for which they are authorized, non-program Core level records (Encoding Level 4, no 042 = pcc), as well as all minimal and lower level records.
7. Regular Enhance participants in the Books format can replace CIP records in their authorized format(s), where appropriate, but cannot change the Encoding Level value 8.
8. National Level Enhance participants can lock, edit, and replace any record with an Encoding Level of blank, 1, or 8.
9. Master mode has unrestricted replace capabilities.
Error reporting for other formats
For non-book format records, OCLC provided this message.
"For these non-book records, the CJK users may alternatively use the 952 field "Report Error" feature. The same technique is applicable to the national level record (commonly for DLC records) enhancement work when the user does not have the proper Enhance mode.
Instructions for using field 952:
1)  Retrieve the target master record.
2)  Perform a full review and correct, if needed, and update the 987 field ‡d and ‡f as appropriate.
3)  Insert a 952 field in the target record, and enter your instruction: "Change the master record based on this fully updated record by HUH."
4)  Click "Report Error" in Action menu.
Report Error transaction will send the target record to a special file that only OCLC Quality Control (QC) can access. The QC staff will replace the record for HUH. Usually the process will be done in 48 hours. QC may not report back to you when the "Replace" is completed due to a tremendous volume of maintenance work on-going.
Should your library needs to re-capture the latest version master record into the local system, please do so through "Update" or "Export" depending on your local system MARC data maintenance procedures. Online "Report Error" is a handy feature and is applicable to any records. Your change instructions can be a very specific depending on your needs, and may mix the CJK scripts in it. "

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