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Urdu vernacular records
Known issues:
There is a problem with adding some (but not all) bib records for Urdu. Exporting them from OCLC goes fine, but when the records are called up for import into Voyager, they look like this:
The little white boxes in the 880 tags are invalid MARC21 characters, and will not file into Voyager. When trying to file the record into Voyager, the following error screen pops up:
This appears to be an intermittent problem.
Mike determined that the MARC21Repertoire.cfg file in Voyager was missing some data. He updated the file, and I've loaded the updated file onto all the CatSS PCs. The boxes still display on the staff-side of Voyager, but not on the OPAC side. (This appears to be a font⁄display problem). However, the records can be imported now. Ignore the boxes that you see on the staff side. (Someday, the font may be able to display the encoded data correctly, but until then, don't worry about it). If you run into a further problem with Urdu records, please notify the Head of CatSS.
Another problem with OCLC vernacular Urdu records is that sometimes the fields aren't linked.
In the example below, note that the 250 tag pair does not have the little bracket connecting them:
This record will download fine, and will import into Voyager fine, too... but when you BAM the record, you get the following error message from ToolKit:
Before you download the record from OCLC, you will need to do a manual link for the record. To do so, follow these instructions:
That will link the copy that you will be downloading (Note: it doesn't fix the problem on OCLC, just on the record that you are downloading)

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