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Book Processing⁄Call Numbers
Newspaper call numbers -- Call number is formatted:
Do not preface with Location in the call number
04⁄29⁄02 -- decision to add leading zeros to Spec. Coll. ART
Special Collection  ART call numbers are now formatted as follows:
Charlot                     ART C1 [change to]          ART C001
Hawn Rare          ART H1 [change to]                   ART H001
Pac  Rare          ART P1 [change to]                   ART P001
Spec Rare          ART  1 [change to]                            ART S001
01⁄19⁄07 -- decision Jim C
Archives MANUSCRIPT accession numbers should be formatted as follows:
Local LC Classification Call Numbers for Hawaii and Pacific Educational Institutions,
with a Special table for University of Hawaii System or University of Hawaii at Manoa.
To access the list of available microform accession call numbers, click on this link:
Local cataloging policies⁄Microforms

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