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AV Processing
CARL-style format terms in 898 tags are to be deleted if the record is being edited. Do not input into new records.
For Audiovisual materials these include:
FCAS         Sound recording Cassette Tape
FCOM         Sound recording Compact Disc
FPHN         Sound reocurding Phonodisc
FVID         Videodisc [used for both laser and DVD discs]
FVIT         Videotape
LENG         English [ LGER German, etc.]
AVC         [used to identify audiovisual materials]
845 tags in MFHDs (use restriction notes)
For example of usage, see MFHD 139066
AV Center use only -- no bookings.
Not licensed for campus TV
Routing: Route material to the appropriate destination, following the instructions from the routing chart.

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