last updated 1⁄8⁄04
Book Processing⁄Remarking books
When preparing books for remarking, please cross out the old spine call number; this will assure that the book will actually get remarked before heading back to the shelves.
If you are re-marking an only copy of an older book in LC classification whose call number does not end in a date, update the call number to current practice by adding the date.
Routinely add the publication date as the last element of the call number. Edit the MARC record and MFHD accordingly.
If you are remarking only one or a couple of vols. of a large multi-vol. set, do not add the date to the pieces in hand; you do not need to remark the whole set in order to add date to the call number.
Conference publications usually use the date of the conference, rather than the date of publication. If in doubt, consult the supervisor.

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