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Public and staff notes
See also:   MFHD notes
Public notes (‡z in the 866 and 852 tags) will be in upper and lower case, enclosed in angle brackets. 
<Example of public notes for University of Hawaii>.  
Local notes in the bib record, field 590, are in various formats.  If you are editing a record, change notes in all upper case to upper and lower case.
b)  When feasible, 590 notes should be moved to the appropriate area of the holdings record; three-letter library code is not necessary. Generally, notes that apply to the title as a whole go in 852 subfield z.  Notes that apply to a particular part of the library's holdings, (but not the title as a whole), go in subfield z of the 866 tag that describes those holdings. 
c)  590 local notes in the bib record must start with the library's 3-character bib identifier.  Generally 590 notes in the bib record contain descriptive information (as distinct from holdings⁄location⁄shelving information).
852 ‡z <Latest vol. in refererence>
852 ‡z <Library retains current 2 years only>
852 ‡z <Holdings before 1970 in Sinclair Library>
852 ‡a <Access for UHM faculty, students, and staff >
852 ‡z <Please contact Wong AVC staff to request a copy of this item. Preservation copy only (VIDEOTAPE 12014p)>
852 ‡z <Copy imperfect: p. 70-99 lacking>
852 ‡z <Digitally printed >
852 ‡z <Copy imperfect: p. 311-314 bound upside-down>
866 ‡z <In slipcase>
866 ‡z <In box>
590     UHM:  Library has both paper and microform.  [delete this note]
590     UHM:  Includes various editions of some vols.
590     UHM:  Charlot Collection copy is presentation copy, autographed by Jean Charlot.
d)  Staff notes should go in the tag to which they refer.  Notes pertaining to the title generally should go in tag 852 ‡x. Notes referring to a set of holdings should go in tag 866 ‡x. In general, format staff notes like public notes.
852 ‡x <Gift from XXXX>  [used for donor notes in PACC Rare material]

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