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AVC has accepted our proposal (winter 2002)  to provide geographic access by means of a geographic subdivision in bib records for foreign movies (feature films).  Follow these guidelines for foreign movies on DVD, video or laserdisc format.
Use the heading:  650  0  Feature films ‡z [country of production]
in bib records, in addition to any genre type subject headings which fit the movie. Edit member records for foreign movies to supply the ‡z to the subject heading Feature films; edit older bib records as encountered.
Exception: do not add ‡z United States for American feature films. In the rare case of a local Hawaii feature film production, add ‡z Hawaii.
If country of production cannot be determined, you may want to consult the web resource IMDB (International Movie Database). Some films are joint multi-national ventures; don't supply more than two 650 fields to bring out multiple countries of production. If more than two countries are listed, do not supply a subfield z.
VIDEORECORDINGS  (Videos, videocassettes)
538    ‡a VHS.
538    ‡a VHS (PAL format).
538    ‡a VHS (SECAM format).
538    ‡a DVD
538    ‡a DVD (PAL format).
538    ‡a DVD-R (PAL format).
As of 6⁄17⁄2008, we can send PAL DVDs to the AV Center without asking the selector if he or she is going to get permission from the vendor to convert to NTSC.
If the videorecording is in PAL or SECAM format, the accompanying MFHD should have the same information as a public note in the 852 field: ‡z <PAL format> or ‡z <SECAM format>.
546   ‡a Closed-captioned for the hearing impaired.
ALWAYS used in tandem with
650  0‡a FIlms for the hearing impaired.
655  0‡a Video recordings for the hearing impaired.
PROCESSING (Barcodes and labelling):
CALL NUMBER:   Use accession type call number: VIDEOTAPE + [acc. Number]. Call number sequence is controlled by pre-typed Avery labels, maintained in Cataloging. With the opening of the videocassette to the left, place the call number label on the lower window.
BARCODE:  With the opening of the videocassette to the left, place the barcode on the upper window.
If there is a preservation copy, the same call number with a "p" typed under the call number is placed on it; omit the barcode on the preservation copy. Preservation will send this copy to HL Special Collections after they mark it.
MFHD:          Use location code                   OuzV
ITEM:         Use Item Type code         AV⁄Media
Don't forget to include number of pieces bucket when filling out ITEM record -- i.e. if the accompanying material fits into the Videocassette case -- make sure that the bucket for pieces is "2" -- the general rule of thumb is, if there is a seperate physical object, like a guide, it either has to have a barcode, or it has to be accounted for in the number of pieces bucket in the ITEM record
Count Videotape titles on
Monographs-Non-print Formats sheet, VTAPE category.
Count Laserdisc (including DVD) titles on
Monographs-Non-print Formats sheet, VDISC category.
When pau cataloging, send to Preservation.
If title has a preservation copy, band the p-copy to the circulating copy. Preservation will route preservation copy to HAWN⁄PACC
For laserdiscs (the 12" variety) add a public note in the MFHD:   ‡z <Not a DVD>
08⁄26⁄03 - request from Sinc Circ; OK'd by Circ Committee per Barbara)
From an Aug. 31, 2005, e-mail from Jay Weitz, Senior Consulting Database Specialist, OCLC Online Computer Library Center:
" ...The twelve-inch laser optical discs were produced roughly between 1978 and 1999.  The introduction of DVDs in late 1996⁄early 1997 led to the demise of the older video format.  They were certainly still being published in 1997."
Route use copy to Sinclair
Route p-copy to HAWN⁄PACC
FORMAT TERMS (898 field)
898 fields now obsolete.  898 format terms officially discontinued as of Jan. 2002.
Delete existing 898 fields if you are touching or editing a record for a videorecording.
Formerly, 898 fields with a special format keyword were produced in UHCARL (and migrated into Voyager) to enable searching limits for videorecordings:
898  ‡ a FVIT Videotape

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