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Replacement copies
Replacement copies for totally withdrawn A⁄V items [there may possibly be outstanding fees⁄fines or PO attached to these]:
Use for ITEMs with a status of Missing.
Exact match replacing of one format with another where there is a p-copy involved on the old format
Withdraw the original format ITEM, but retain the MFHD (you will suppress or delete this later)
Add the new format (either to a new bib or to an existing bib)
Add the appropriate preservation copy note (There will usually be a p-copy note for the new format)
Add an additional preservation copy note for the old format, and add the preservation call number as a qualifier:
Delete the preservation copy note from the original MFHD
Delete or suppress (as appropriate) the old format MFHD
If the new piece is not an exact match (bonus material, for example), bounce to Head of CatSS

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