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Type of record codes
v = Multipart item holdings
x = Single-part item holdings
y = Serial item holdings
Encoding level codes:
[NOTE:  Except for 1 and m, encoding level should match the first indicator in 866.]
1 = Holdings level 1
3 = Holdings level 3
4 = Holdings level 4
m = Mixed levels
Level 3 records only the summary holdings compressed at the highest level of enumeration and chronology, e.g. v.2.  If you use this level there is no indication that issues are missing.  If in doubt or if complete holdings data are unavailable, code as Level 3.  Code 3 is rarely used for monographs.
Level 3 statement:     v.2
Level 4 statement:      v.2:pt.1-v.2:pt.5,v.2:pt.7
Level 4 records ALL levels of enumeration and chronology.  If the piece has only a single level of designation (either numbering or date), a single-level statement is a Level 4 statement.
Examples:  v.1-v.5   or,   1952-1977.
Level m is used when both levels 3 and 4 are used in different 866 tags in the same MFHD.  This occurs in serials holdings statements, when an unbroken runs of holdings are recorded at the volume level, but gaps within a volume are recorded at the volume-number, or volume-number-part level.

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