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Welcome to the UHM Cataloging Dept. processing information manual.
This manual is designed to be a ready-reference tool for staff in Cataloging Support Section and in Original Cataloging Section.
Please note that this is a working document; editing changes are current as of the date listed. If there is conflict between hard-copy documents and this manual, please consult with Head of CatSS or Head of Cataloging.
Manual conventions:          ‡ is used as the subfield delimiter indicator
                           New information is highlighted in yellow; after 6 months, highlight will be removed
                           Superseded information is struckthrough; after 6 months, superseded information will be removed
Please report problems, questions, or suggestions via e-mail to Paul in CatSS (x62469).
Thank you.
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Blu-ray disc processing   (05⁄19⁄16)
Cataloging E-books   (02⁄02⁄16)
Preservation copies now sent to Sinclair   (12⁄07⁄15)
Placement of barcodes for print language materials (Western-language) and (Vernacular) (09⁄21⁄15)
Rules for binding decisions   (04⁄21⁄15)
Changes to the Notification process   (03⁄12⁄15)
Graded readers for students of the SLS program   (10⁄20⁄14)
Clarification on notifiying Acquitisitons regarding badacq order records   (08⁄13⁄14)
Charlot Reference folio and double folio   (08⁄06⁄14)
Change in routing for p-copies (all formats)   (05⁄14⁄14, 07⁄03⁄14)
FAST headings in bib records (2nd indicator 7, ‡2 fast)   (11⁄05⁄13, 12⁄31⁄13, 08⁄13⁄14)

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