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CatSS: Refer to Head of CatSS
Original Catalogers -- Apply on a case-by-case basis:
Original URI no longer active:
1) Use Internet search engine(s) to determine if the resource described in the record is now available at a different URI. If found, update the bib record to reflect the new URI.
2) If multiple searches indicates resource is no longer available, create a note to reflect this fact by changing ‡u in field 856 to ‡z and modifying the subfield to show that the resource is no longer available, indicating the last date that the resource was searched and the reason the resource is no longer available (if known)
Original Record:
856  41  ‡u http:⁄⁄
Revised Record:
856  41  ‡z Electronic address (http:⁄⁄ not available when searched on [date].
Original URI still active:
If the resource located at that URI represents a completely different resource from that described in the record (i.e., not just a new iteration of the resource), treat the existing bibliographic record as above and create a record for the new resource now at the original URI (if appropriate for adding to the catalog).

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