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Acquisitions records⁄Purchase Orders
How to find out if a P.O. (purchase order) is linked to a bib (bibliographic catalog record)
a.  Make sure that the Voyager Acq. module (Acquisitions module) is running.
b.  From Cataloging, check the P.O. status via the Acq. module.
a) from the Record menu, select View Line Items in Acquisitions, or
b) from the main bib record, press the key combination Ctrl+-m;
1) The order record for Manoa will open. To view further information,
clicking the "order" tab will display the order number;
clicking the ellipsis button next to the order number will display
the "line #⁄status" highlighted in white.
2) If you get the pop-up box that says
"This title does not appear on any purchase order",
it means that no one at any site has a PO on the bib record.
3) If you get nothing, this means that another site (other than Manoa) has attached a P.O. to the record.
Deleting MFHDs (holdings records) and Item records when P.O. is attached 
a. A MFHD with an approved P.O. attached cannot be deleted
b. Keep a MFHD with a P.O. attached to the original bib record; do not move it.
c. If a copy is to be withdrawn and the MFHD has a P.O., suppress the MFHD and add a 591 suppx note at the top of the MFHD.
d. Change the call number to YYYYMMDD WITHDRAWN
e. Once a P.O. has been approved, nothing can be done to it.
f. If a title has split and the P.O. is on the wrong record, notify serials.
g. To check the P.O. status in the Acq. module:
h. Manoa, Law, and Hilo are using Acquisitions. If Ctrl-m doesn't show a message, another library has a P.O. attached.
Reinstating CANCELLED orders
From time to time, Acquisitions will re-instate an order for a title that was previously cancelled. The bib record and the MFHD should both be suppressed, and the MFHD should have a call number of CANCELLED. In cases like this, reuse the existing bib record and MFHD, changing the bibliographical data as appropriate: i.e.:
see also ITEM records

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