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MFHD notes
Notes in holdings records
Public notes go in a ‡z; non-public notes go in a ‡x
MFHD notes appear as the last element of the appropriate tag (852 or 866)
Use angle brackets around public notes, and input in upper⁄lower case , i.e.
‡z <In slipcase>
866 41 ‡8 0 ‡a 2 discs + 1 text ‡z <In slipcase>
See also   Public and staff notes
Specific notes
On occasion, there are titles which for whatever reason need to be returned to the vendor (mainly BNA shelfready) due to problems with the book that was supplied to us (missing pages, bound-in upside down, etc.) We're not withdrawing the book, we just need to be able to inform the patron that the book is not on the shelf and won't be for a while.
In these instances, a public note will be input in the MFHD (tag 852, ‡z)
‡z <Damaged ; awaiting replacement>
When the replacement for the book comes, CatSS will take off the note, and replace the barcode of the old item record with the new barcode found on the replacement piece (this way any Circ transactions attached to the item record will be retained). The piece will be considered the same copy number as the one it replaced. Make sure to delete the 949 tag from the BIB record, (if present), as it will contain the old barcode number.
For items housed by Preservation in phase boxes, put a appropriate note in the 852 tag (or in the 866 tag, if necessary) in a ‡z:
The year in the note is the year when the item was housed or re-housed in a phase box.   NOTE:  The year portion of the note is optional in the case of serial records since the year may be confusing to patrons reading holdings statements.
‡z <Item in phase box, YYYY>
‡z <Item in tuxedo box, YYYY>
It may be necessary to expand the 866 tag to accomodate a single volume housed in a phase box within a single Location:
866  4  1  ‡8 0 ‡a v.1-v.2
866  4  1  ‡8 0 ‡a v.3 ‡z <Item in phase box, 2001>
866  4  1  ‡8 0 ‡a v.4-v.10
If all items of a MPI in a single Location are in individual phase boxes, the note becomes plural and goes at the end of the 852 tag:
852  0  1  ‡b OuzHClosed ‡h HG4538 ‡i .G52 ‡z <Items in phase boxes, 1999>
866  4  1  ‡8 0 ‡a v.1-v.8
If multiple items of a MPI in a single Location are in collective phase boxes, the note goes in the 866 tag, which may need to be split:
852  0  1  ‡b OuzHClosed ‡h TR4538 ‡i .G52
866  4  1  ‡8 0 ‡a v.1-v.2
866  4  1  ‡8 0 ‡a v.3-6 ‡z <Items in phase box, 2001>
866  4  1  ‡8 0 ‡a v.7-v.12
TIP-INS: for tipped-in materials, put an appropriate note in the 852 tag in a ‡ z as the last element of the tag:
‡z <Errata slip tipped in>
‡z <Errata sheet tipped in>
‡z <Abstract tipped in>
move the 590 note [currently input as "UHM: MANOA: Analyzed in full; link each vol.⁄part to an individual record.] from the BIB record to the MFHD.
Input a public note in the 852 tag, ‡z:
‡z <Analyzed in full>
If an analytic title has individual multiple volumes, each volume gets a separate MFHD⁄ITEM pair.
852  0      ‡b OuzW ‡h RA453 ‡i .S52 no.1
852  0      ‡b OuzW ‡h RA453 ‡i .S52 no.2
852  0      ‡b OuzW ‡h RA453 ‡i .S52 no.7
See also: Holdings statements for items with accompanying material  

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