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Tag 541 NOTE
Do not confuse with Donor notes.
Location of 541 tag:
As of 3⁄14⁄07, input the 541 tag into the MFHD, not the bib record. If editing a bib record with a 541 tag, move the 541 tag to the MFHD. Consider existing bib 541 notes to be Gift notes.
As of 3⁄18⁄09, use of ‡5 has been discontinued, and ‡3 is used only in those instances when the gift consists of an incomplete set (based on the bibliographical record). For monographs, transcribe the specific gift volumes received as they appear in the 866 tag(s), separating non-sequential volumes with a comma (v.1,v.5,v.8) and sequential volumes with a hyphen (v.3-v.7,v.11). Copy numbers are no longer transcribed in the 541, as the copy number is MFHD specific.
Indicators are blank
‡3 = specific volume number(s), as needed
‡a = Donor;
‡c = gift;
‡d = Date.
‡a Prof. Tseng Yuho (Betty) Ecke; ‡c gift.
‡a Oliver Statler; ‡c gift.
‡3 v.1,v.3,v.9 ‡a Oliver Statler; ‡c gift.
‡a Hawaii Karate Museum; ‡c gift.
‡3 v.1-v.6, v.12 ‡a Janet M. Callender; ‡c gift.
‡a Dirk Vogel Collection.
‡a Tom Haar; ‡c gift; ‡d 2007.
Note: 541 does not display in WebPAC, but all fields in bib records are fully keyword-searchable. Keywords are also searchable in the MFHD.

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