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This procedure is for one-time only or mini series (non-serial) locally broadcast television programs recorded off-air as streaming video files and stored on Wong AV Center server.
Wong AV Center staff will email the program title, date of broadcast, television station, running time, and URL to Cataloger.
Cataloger will create original bib record.
Except for 245 ‡h, coding follows the guidelines in:
Best practices for cataloging streaming media. OLAC, 2008.
Bib record: use template SincStreamingBib.tem
LEADER = Type of record: g = projected medium
006 computer file
         Type of file: c = representational
007 computer file
         SMD: r = remote
         Color: c = multicolored or m = mixed
         Dimensions: u = unknown
         Sound on medium: a = sound on medium
007 projected medium
         SMD: z = other
         Color: c = multicolored or m = mixed
         Format: z = other
         Sound: a = sound on medium
         Medium for sound: z = other
         Dimensions: u = unknown
         Playback channels: u = unknown
008         publication status: s = single known date
         Date 1: year of broadcast
         Place of publication: xx = no place
         Form of item: s = electronic resource
         Type of material: v = videorecording
         Technique: l = live action
         Language: eng = English [or other language as appropriate]
         Cataloging source: d = other
245          ‡h [videorecording].
260          ‡c Year of broadcast.
300         1 streaming video file (xx min., xx sec.) : ‡b digital, MOV file, sd., col.
500          Title from title screen (viewed on DATE).
If no title screen, use one of these notes:
500          Title from caption (viewed on DATE).
500          Title from narration (viewed on DATE).
500         Title supplied by selector  (viewed on DATE).
518          Originally broadcast on TELEVISION STATION, Honolulu, DATE; recorded off-air with permission.
533          Streaming video. ‡b [Honolulu : ‡c Wong Audiovisual Center, ‡d 20xx] ‡n <Login with UH user ID required; QuickTime required to view; free download at:  http:⁄⁄>
538          Mode of access: World Wide Web.
MFHD: use template SincStreamingHold.tem
007         same as bib record
852 8 _ ‡b OuzZ ‡h ELECTRONIC FORMAT ‡z <Access for UH faculty, students, and staff.>
843 ‡a Streaming video. ‡b [Honolulu : ‡c Wong Audiovisual Center, ‡d 20xx] ‡n <Login with UH user ID required; QuickTime required to view; free download at: http:⁄⁄>
856 4 0 ‡u URL
Item record: NONE
Statistics: Original computer file

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