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Microforms refresher and RDA preview
Microform call numbers
Assign accession numbers to microforms following format term:
MICROFILM, or: MICROFICHE. Call numbers are controlled through a central Excel file on the tech services LAN.  
Click the appropriate link for film or fiche to get the latest call number sequence for Monographic microform accession numbers:
Monographic Microfilm:                  Monographic Microfiche:
Click the appropriate link for film or fiche to get the latest call number sequence for Serial microform accession numbers:
Serial Microfilm:                           Serial Microfiche:
Click the appropriate link for film or fiche to get the latest call number sequence for Newspaper microform accession numbers:
Newspaper Microfilm:                           Newspaper Microfiche:
Descriptive cataloging of microforms
Generally follow OCLC guidelines and LC policy and RIs for reproductions and original microform publications:⁄bibformats⁄en⁄specialcataloging
If adding a new bib record for microform alone:
Count each individual fiche added to an existing bib record as 1 Added piece
Count each individual microfilm roll added to an existing bib record as 1 Added piece
UH "single record" policy for microform reproductions
If Manoa or any other site in the shared database retains a copy of the original print version, or has has a different microform format than Manoa's, or has another reproduction format, such as a photocopy, the bib record should describe the original published print version. Do not put a [microform] GMD in the 245 field; put reproduction data in an 843 field in the MFHD for the microform.
Paper copy withdrawn and replaced by microform
See also Added⁄Withdrawn copies
These procedures apply when the microform reproduction is the sole remaining holding of the title in the shared database.
a).  Search title and dedup if necessary.
b).  Edit and upgrade the bib record if necessary.
c).   Add tags and codes to the bib record:
007                  code first one for service copy
code second one for printing master
code third one for master
008                  form of item: a = microfilm [or] b = microfiche
Code all other leader and fixed field elements for the original.
050                  retain
090                  change to 050 _4
245                  ‡h [microform]
Add the gmd only if neither we nor anyone else holds the print original.
533 note                  code for microform service copy
If we produced the microform reproduction, add the call number of the master in the note subfield ‡n
533     ‡a Microfilm. ‡b Honolulu : ‡c University of Hawaii at Manoa Library, ‡d 1997. ‡e 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. ‡n Master negative: MS11137.
d).  Create a new holdings record for the service copy:
852         ‡b OuzHD0 [or] OuzAD0 ‡h MICROFILM V11137
The location is based on the location of the original.  For both ASIA and EAST, use OuzADO.   For all other locations, use OuzHD0.
e).  Create a new item record for the service copy:
Barcode:   create a "dummy" barcode consisting of 1090 followed by vid number.
Item type:    Library use only
Pieces:      Enter total number of reels of number of fiches in the pieces box
f).  Delete holdings for the paper original from the utility on which it was cataloged.
g).  Create and upload a record for the microform master to OCLC.
Withdrawal procedures  (performed by CatSS)
h).  Fill in the data related to the paper original into the monographs withdrawn titles file on the LAN.
v = volume withdrawn [or] t = title withdrawn
i).  Check if any circ transaction is attached to the item record or P.O. to the holdings record of the paper original. If there are, follow the procedures for Withdrawn materials.
j).  Delete the item record and holdings record for the paper original.

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