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Cataloging procedure for Preservation-copy-only videotapes (8⁄27⁄91)
To accommodate AV⁄C's plan to add selected preservation-copy-only videotape titles to its collection, we will implement a new cataloging procedure which includes a new accession⁄action call number for this new category of videotapes. The new cataloging procedure is intended to maintain the existing videotape accession call number scheme and to minimize reprocess in of bibliographic and item records.
1.) "VIDEOTAPE" accession call number - Although a videotape is preservation copy only and no service copy is available at the time of cataloging, catalog the preservation-copy-only videotape fully as usual and assign the next available consecutive VIDEOTAPE accession call number to it and add "p" (lowercase) below the accession number. Affix the call number label to the preservation copy.
2.) Bibliographic record - A MFHD for the preservation-copy-only videotape must include the VIDEOTAPEp accession call number and a public note indicating the need for a copy-on-demand request in Tag 852, and include a note indicating the preservation only status in Tag 583 subfield ‡l (a service copy will be made upon request by retrieving the preservation only copy):
583 ‡l Library has preservation copy only (S-VHS)
3.) New accession⁄action call number "VIDEO REQUEST" - Assign and input a new videotape accession⁄action call number "VIDEO REQUEST" with the same accession number including "p" from the VIDEOTAPE accession call number label affixed to the preservation-copy-only videotape. This new call number for display only must be input in both the bibliographic and MFHD. Since no barcode number will be affixed to the preservation copy, an artificial barcode number of eleven digits  beginning with 109######## must be assigned and input to create an item record.
4.) Cataloged preservation-copy-only videotape - Forward the cataloged preservation-copy-only videotape marked clearly as such to Preservation so that Preservation staff will not look for an accompanying service copy of the videotape.
5.) Linking and circulating a service copy of preservation-copy-only videotape by AV⁄C - To circulate a service copy made, an artificial barcode in the item record must be replaced with a real barcode number.
If the service copy made is to be recycled, [not added to the collection after being circulated] a real barcode number in the item record must be replaced with an artificial barcode number.
If the service copy is to be added permanently to the AV⁄C collection, necessary adjustments must be made to all the pertaining elements in the bibliographic and MFHD, which will be handled by Cataloging.

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