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Per Sophia 2⁄22⁄2000.
If copy cataloger has a photocopy in hand and finds a record for the original, copy cataloger can use that record. Download it- update & send. Then add a 533 to that record in Voyager. Add an "a" to the call number. If we get the original, we will edit the record and use the MFHD 843 to distinguish the photocopy from the original. We will then use the original call number (without the "a") for the other book. (NOTE: Original cataloging procedure is different: if a cataloger is doing original cataloging of a photocopy reproduction, the cataloger will make a new record for the reproduction.)
When creating a prelim, copy catalogers should tack on a 533 for anything that looks like it is a photocopy.
If the piece being cataloged is the only copy and it is a photocopy, the photocopy note belongs in both the bib (533 tag), and in the MFHD (843 tag).
For an example of what a photocopy record should look like, use Repro alone from the Added⁄Withdrawn copies section
Sample 533⁄843 tag
‡a Photocopy. ‡b Honolulu, HI : ‡c University of Hawaii at Manoa Library, ‡d 20**. ‡e ** cm.
If you are adding a photocopy to the collection, the photocopy note belongs only in the MFHD for that copy.
For example, see here
Print reproduction added copy call numbers end with a workletter, i.e. QE456 .F59 1998a
We used to just add them as copy 2s, prior to 02⁄07⁄99.
See also: Cataloging HTML Printouts
For manuscripts or theses (eg. UMI PHOTOCOPIES) use ntm in the leader, not nam.
For photocopies of theses, see:
Photocopied theses⁄diss.

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