ASIA Microform S33300 cleanup
Pull a batch of pieces from the microfiche drawer in the microform room.
Search by title, etc.
Dedup if necessary
Bounce serials, problems, questions to Head of CatSS.
Bib cleanup:
Multiple 007s are Ok in bib -- 500 note "Master microform held by: [SITE]." is justification. if note is not present with multiple 007s, identify which 007 doesn't match the service copy (usually the second one) and delete it.
Add (or edit current) 099 tag to new accession number; accession number is to be had from the LAN file.
Delete 539 tag if present.
Ensure series numbering appears in subfield f of 533 tag if it is not already present in the tag. The series numbering may be in the old call number, or only on the piece itself. Transcribe it exactly as it appears on the piece.
Format as:
‡aMicrofiche. ‡b PLACE :‡c PUBLISHER, ‡d DATE. ‡e15 microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm. ‡f (87⁄50423).
‡a Microfiche. ‡b PLACE : ‡c PUBLISHER, ‡d DATE. ‡e 1 microfiche ; 11 x 15 cm. ‡f (SEI 80 002 40).
‡a Microfiche. ‡b PLACE : ‡c PUBLISHER, ‡d 1982- . ‡e microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm. ‡f (SEI 81 s00 31).
Copy 533 tag.
Copy the microfiche call number data, not the tag
Save the bib
Paste the 533 from bib into MFHD; change tag number from a 533 tag to an 843 tag.
Add 007 to match the one in the bib record.
Change leader to x⁄1 (unless using 866 tag, see below -- use v⁄4 for volumes)
Change the location in 852 tag to correct location (OuzAD0)
Set the 852 first indicator to 8
Edit the call number to current one (paste from buffer)
Input 866 tag only if needed, i.e. Accompanying material present, or volume designation
Copy the CARL number from the 014 tag (needed for ITEM barcode)
ITEM record
Create a single ITEM record for each MFHD.
Paste CARL number into barcode bucket
Change the first 6 characters from CARL00 to 1090
If the barcode has already been used, change to 1091 [1092, etc.]
Example:    CARL0002167429  becomes  10902167429
Permanent location: ASIA D0
Item Type: Library Use Only
Enter total number of individual microfiche into Pieces bucket at botom of ITEM record
Physical processing of pieces
Cross out S33300 on microfiche sleeve with acid-free pen.
Write new accession number (with prefix S) underneath old number.
If using old sleeve, rehouse multiple fiche to single acid-free microfiche sleeve. Use interleaving acid-free leaves. Maximum of 5 fiche per sleeve.
If using new sleeve(s), stamp the words
on the front upper left corner, then write the new call number below the stamped words with acid-free pen.
Statistics: Count as correction.

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